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Brownies and Blondies

They have to be tried to be believed!!

What better way to celebrate than with some of our fantastically delicious brownies and blondies!


There are lots of options and flavours to choose from:

6 classic brownies or blondies - £15

Fondue box incl 3 dips - £18

7" brownie or blondie slab (2 flavours max) - £18

10" brownie or blondie slab (2 flavours max) - £35

Flavours for brownie and blondie slabs:

Star Bar,  Turkish delight,  Classic Chocolate,  Reeces Peanut Butter,  Chocolate Orange,  Malteser,  Caramac,  Mint Chocolate,  Double Decker,  Caramel,  Freddo,  Triple Chocolate,  Party Ring,  Snickers,  Salted Caramel,  Bueno,  Kinder,  Honeycomb,  banoffee,  Biscoff,  Oreo,  Bounty,  Caramel,  Twix,  Boost,  Toffee Crisp,  Toffee Crumble,  Ferrero Rocher,  Daim,  Mars Bar.

To order or for more details please contact us

Please note we will need at least 5 working days prior to your arrival to arrange any cakes

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